Saturday, 30 March 2013

Blue skies and thoughts on leading with heart...

This week we have stumbled into Narnia and the white witch has ensured it's ever winter. A snow flurried Holy Week. But I had a short break and the photos I took belie the temperatures. The sky is blue and you couldn't guess from them that even with several layers, a hat, a scarf and gloves I still needed to buy a snood for another layer of warmth!

But I had a lovely break , well pampered and lots of putting the world right.
( Still a way to go!). The hotel had excellent customer service, everyone from the local girl the young man from Bulgaria,a credit to their organisation and countries. Its a lovely hotel in the elegant bay at St Andrews so there will be a prestige attached to a job there, but the pay won't be great and the hours are long. But the atmosphere was calm and happy and that helps in a large, complex institution like that. The customer focus was evident, good systems and training was in place, there was a good level of staff and there was respect and value between them...with a sense of fun and friendliness. Good leadership focused on the right things. NHS watch and learn was my thought....

But it can't be much fun in the NHS just now. Especially for nurses, being the target for criticism and ill thought out solutions. If we want to see the NHS perform better we need person centred solutions for team NHS as well as those they look after. Compassion is not a one way road. It will need person centred leaders to make the difference.

This week I captured this photo from twitter from the wonderful @herdyshepherd1 in the Lake District. It's seemed a fine analogy...the wise elder sheep leading the herd to safety. And she achieved it I believe, when many sheep were not so fortunate..Now sheep get bad press often but maybe there is something to learn from that lovely herdwick sheep (and anyway I loved the picture....!) Modern leadership means skills of collaboration, empathy and clarity of purpose are crucial and the best leaders also know how to lead their team with vision and heart.

On the road home from my trip away we visited the wee town of Crail. It was an azure sea looking over to The May Isle from the pottery cafe. The hens visited the gate to remind the cafe owners of their pressing need. They charmed us while we ate and after the fresh crab, the coffee was served with a piece of tablet....! Perfect end to a much needed break...I must do more of this. I realised this week just how much the transitions this last few months have depleted my energy but also how much I am enjoying my new challenges too.

Reasons to be heartful.
It's been a week of time with good friends , many laughs and much sorting the world out....and Cara on a charm offensive, especially when the fire was on! What could be better. Wishing you the same this Easter.

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