Open your eyes and look at the day.

A heartful Christmas

A true partnership...or time to boogie?

Nice to tweet you! Info about a new tweet join

"You have to find joy where you can".

Compassion and holding snakes lightly.

What doesnt kill you makes you stronger?

A week for a big decision.....

Settling arguments of breast cancer screening?

"This is who we are and much much more."

Smile because it happened.


Just dont ask me to wear pink, OK?

Simple acts of kindness can change a lot.

Whats the real story about breasts for the media?

Cara...its Irish for friend

From the coal face.....

Not a glamorous as a shark bite.

Going for Gold.

Tales of the ordinary and pink castles!

Is this person centred care?

In search of mojo......

Reasons to be proud