Friday, 23 May 2014

The best laid schemes o' mice and men?

Morning has broken

Morning has broken

Clear clear skies after the storm

Birds are forming 

Their morning chorus

Heard only by us it seems

The cockerel heralds the village to work

The mountains raise out their arms

As if to say..this is ours

Tree wooded mountains 

With snow still clinging on

To the ragged peaks

Late spring means poppies

Wild roses in every hedgerow

The fields still green before

The heat burns them brown

The fruits of autumn only a promise still

The sun still soft warms our skins

We shift our rhythms to this ancient pace

A new dog says a shy hello

Perhaps he will return?

Let our time here unfold...

The grand plan in this visit is for me to be working on my book. In my head I'm working mornings and holidaying in the afternoon. So the news our house had been burgled in our absence wasn't welcome. The cooker, fridge, boiler and washing machine, table and chairs  gone. Our first day therefore visiting the police station.

It's a communist era building so not a heartwarming spot. The people however are friendly and we were greeted by a young police woman, a detective I guess as she was not in uniform. Neither was she in a Sarah Lund style unisex jumpers. No, we are talking skin tight dungarees, stylish top and her leather jacket hung casually on the door. A regular olive skinned Bulgarian beauty. Andrew,my husband, sat up straight the whole visit.

She pulled out a long slim cigarette-untipped-the image of cool as she typed. It seemed churlish to protest. However in time my asthmatic lungs did. Her remorse was genuine and I left to sit outside. A more traditional older woman in a square shirt ( I think they are traditional dress in rural communities for women of a certain age...I'm a strange ,fair anomaly ) showed me past the cells-gulp-to the toilet. I imagine double locks are de-riguer around there? I doubled locked myself in it.

Then I sat on a bench outside as the sun gradually moved till i was out of the shade and waited till the complex form filling was complete. I didn't expect the huge grin on Andrews face as he emerged with Nick, our right hand man out here. It seems the young detective had commented on how young Andrew looked for his age. Nick laughed and translated it for him. I expect the spring in his step will last the whole holiday!

Day two finds me at my desk and ready for action. What a wonderful, if at times flawed, place this is.
Any biscuits?
 I wonder if the shepherds dog will visit soon? Pungent he maybe but that big grin is a lovely antidote to the smell. 
Ok, let the writing begin.... 
All set...


  1. Whew. So good you've taken the time to write and have the presence of mind to do so. A burglary, oh my goodness, what news to receive while on vacation! I am glad you and your family are okay, and am sorry that it happened. ~Catherine

    1. Thanks Catherine, we are settling down now. Two days of writing now under my belt! Xx

  2. Oh no Audrey - how awful. And how have I missed that you are off on an adventure??

  3. Not quite the adventure I planned :-). But getting on with writing now. Will keep you posted! Xx

  4. oh, Audrey - I am so sorry your home was broken into. I am amazed that you were able to write so descriptively about the detective, and the amusing part about Andrew and the new spring in his step! carry on...and enjoy the writing - I love reading it. Karen xox

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