Monday, 15 December 2014

Seasons of Grief

Seasons of grief

Cold and frost define
Your loss 
Christmas cheer 
Jars with the
 Devastation of grief

Your heart shattered 
By love and loss
A future changed 
Scarily unknown
Far too soon for goodbye 

In the dark shadows
Hold on to 
Your love, your memories
The gifts of joy
Celebrated, precious

Your greatest gift
Of your love and care
Leaving this world
At home with those he loves
And always will

Be warmed by this love
And those around you
Kindness and love will cause
The frost to thaw
Hold it close

There will be happier times
Again for you all
Spring will follow in time
As will summer
Till then keep
Warmed by those who love you.

I wrote this poem for a young family who have lost a husband and a Dad this week. It's my way of trying to bring comfort, as much as anyone can just now. I share it in case it helps anyone else struggling with loss just now. A thinking of you all. 


  1. oh Audrey,

    this poem you wrote is so beautifully poignant. how kind and caring to reach out to your friends at such a devastating time and offer such caring and wishes for them to be comforted.

    I, too, during this holiday season, feel you have spoken to my heart with such kindness and sensitivity. and I am sure many others who read what flowed from your anguished compassion and empathy will also take them to heart. I am so very sorry for the loss of this young Father and Husband; I am sending out my love and sympathy to his family, and to you, too, dear Audrey.

    much love and gratitude,


    1. Oh thank you Karen, I'm so grateful for your words. I was feeling helpless, so it's good to know my words helped you too. Thinking of you and yours at this time
      Love Audrey x


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