Tuesday, 12 July 2016

I have a new Prime Minister

I have a new prime minister

I'd gone out
just for the morning
And heard it on the news
Is this
taking back control?

Be glad its a woman-
Remember Thatcher?
I need to know
what she'll do
not her gender

She wants to unite her country
this disunited kingdom
Poverty and place
Power and privilege
Are the hard borders of division

A referendum
I didn't vote for
A result I didn't vote for
A prime minster
I didn't vote for

I have a new prime minister
Who will make me less European
Powerless in my capital city where
75% of us voted
to stay in the heart of Europe

Since June 24 I've grieved
I've puzzled
I've tried to understand
I've looked everywhere
for silver linings

She's spoken of  governing
for all not just the privileged
So I'm clinging to some wreckage of my hope   
for signs that my fear is unfounded

It's nearly six months now
and there's an angst
that is never far away
The linings are not silver 
just tarnished by lies

So for now I'm looking
for joy in the small things
and treasuring those I love
And little by little
trying to be the change
I so very much want to see

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