Thursday, 23 July 2020

Stars of lockdown

Koshka plotting...

And he won....of course 
I was on a zoom call earlier and the window cleaner was washing the windows. I was very spooked initially but then it got me thinking about some earlier days when I worked at home. It wasn’t the norm but that day I had a tricky call to make then a report to write and I decided that on that winter day I would work from home. The pets were delighted to have me there and I’d forgotten how much their need of attention was less than helpful. 
I decided to sit by the Christmas tree and put their lights on so I was lifted from the December gloom. I had my laptop balanced hopefully alongside Fruin the cat who would only settle on my remaining lap. 
Robbie the golden retriever finally went to sleep with a toy in his mouth ( it’s a retriever thing-it’s often underwear that’s stolen only to be presented to people who come to the door). All was quiet so I made myself pick up the phone and make that phone call which was too easy to put off. 
I steeled myself and dialled the number. They answered and so the conversation began.
I didn’t know the window cleaner was coming. 
I noticed him first at the end of the house. I held my breath, would the dog notice. Oh yes he did. 
He stood up and barked as if Count Dracula was washing the windows. The toy dropped out of his mouth with a clatter. That set off the grotesque singing Christmas tree. My sister bought it to tease my husband one year. Why had we kept it and why was it switched on? Any movement set it off, so to add to the mayhem of Robbie barking, the cat clinging on to me as I tried to get up and close the door, a tinny version of Rocking around the Christmas tree began at volume. My credibility was crawling out the door.....looking back I’m only glad it wasn’t zoom although some telling oaths may have been muttered! 
Then working from home was unusual, now it’s my life. But since lockdown it’s mostly  with video. I know we’ve all learned the smart top, comfy leggings routine but managing the pets is a whole new level of difficulty. Back in the day when you had to stand up as you answered the house phone, our male retrevier used to take the opportunity to hump your leg. Trying to keep your voice even whilst shaking off a very persistent large dog is no mean feat. Although his peak moment was when I had to pull him off the Minister who had come to visit. He had spent the hour telling Robbie how beautiful he was,so what’s a dog to do? 
It’s a rainy day of ‘summer’ today and I’m reminiscing whilst this generation of cat and dog play the , ‘who gets the bed’ routine. Earlier this week I was distracted by the cute wee dog shuffling along the top of the sofa to sit almost on the shoulders of the Chair of thé meeting. Initially he looked like a cuddly toy. The next meeting it was a cat that intervened. But my favourite cat moment of lockdown was with another man of the cloth. There is something especially wonderful to see something unfold that the présenter is totally unaware of. Of course the stars of lockdown pets have to be Olive and Mabel. If you haven’t seen them do click on the link.
OK. Maybe I need to stop writing, have my shower and start the day. I have a friend visiting, in person! I’ve forgotten how that works......I’m noticing how much more comfortable I am staying in. Lockdown has shaken my confidence. I guess it will gradually return? 

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