Who knew it would be hugs


Who knew it would be hugs

that were our undoing?

Those taken for granted


where we gather

to connect.

Our hearts meet

clasped carelessly 

and we feel

each other’s warmth.

Sometimes it’s more hesitant.

Is this Ok? 

The boundaries of 

our friendship are defined

in that moment.

Maybe a brief awkward 

touch of shoulder.

Or an envelopement

that secures a friendship.

A synchronisity of touch

that celebrates our affection.

Those warm embraces

restore a sense of equilibrium.

The family embrace 

that can say So

much more than

words. The clasp

a little longer

even a flutter of kisses

as we leave 

or arrive.

I’m so greedy

I often want both.

Give Grannie a hug?

I call with trepidation.

Mostly it’s a fly by

catch with a giggle.

These moments are

tucked away. 

A squirrled collection 

of connection

Of love.


I yearn for them. 


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