Friday, 31 December 2021

Happy new year! Here’s to love, connection and time with those we love.

 2021 we had such hopes for you. But we should have known by then. Covid was a constant backdrop to our lives. Vaccines offered so much hope with good reason and yet freedom did not feel secure. Plans were rarely more than tentative. We delayed bookings and failed to rebook until later in the year. A summer plan became autumn and instead of warmth we had the glory of Scotland’s colours, rust brown and gold trees called out to us. Look we are here they say, and we hold our presence as your calling. 

Scotland you own us with your beauty and your message of ‘you are home’ speaks straight to our souls. These souls starved of touch, of company of comfort and of love. How could we resist your promise of presence, of the comfort of the familiar, of safety we assumed but ultimately who can promise so much in such times of uncertainty. 

As Christmas approached we thought, this year will offer so much. Christmas with family and New Year with friends exploring new territory, new traditions, new plans. But covid had the omicron variant up its sleeve. No smug acceptance of our future after all. Maybe you are milder, I do hope so. But the truth is the management of omicron is less about us as individuals but about the challenge for communities, organisations, the wider public health. The reactions from people range from who cares to recognising that  it’s vital to go upstream and protect the existing community. 

What future do we seek we ask? Is it  everyone for themselves or is it that this is a shared challenge and shared find the end to the challenge of covid. My sense is that this will not end properly until we accept the need to think community rather than self. So my biggest hope for 2022 is happier and healthier communities and individuals. 
So welcome 2022.My hope is that we see more of our loved family and friends, we miss you. And if covid has taught us anything, it’s that what matters most is love, connection and time together. 
Happy new year all. Stay safe and well and make time for those you love. 
See you next year! 

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