Thursday, 16 February 2012

Blogging for Breakthrough post. Two women who inspire me.

90 bloggers blogging for Breakthrough Breast Cancer in 90 words about a woman who inspires them. How could I not rise to that challenge?Already doing my breast cancer blog and being a Director with Breakthrough Breast Cancer I thought long and hard about who to talk about. And we have so many supporters who inspire me daily. But as I thought about the challenge two special women came to mind . My daughter Catriona and my friend Marjory. So what do they have in common. Well other than enriching my own life , I see them daily go extra miles for their own missions in life. And as someone who cares for them I sometimes worry that they put aside their own needs to care for others. But then it's that quality that makes them so special. With wonderful giving qualities they make a difference with no thought for themselves. Such admiral qualities which inspire me and humble me in equal measure. They are not only committed in their professional lives but are also loyal and warm friends to those they care about. I will give the last word to Catriona. She was recently hand rearing some pups who because of a virus were not surviving. As a concerned Mum I asked how do you do it? Because I love them Mum she said. Indeed she does and it's the same driver for Marjory too. Thank goodness for amazing women like them. If you would like to blog for Breakthrough too ,see This initiative is helping to raise awareness of our work at Breakthrough, saving lives and changing futures for people affected by breast cancer.And supporting the fundraising work of Pink Ribbon Bingo on our behalf. Thanks to all of you for this great initiative and giving a voice to so many great women.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time out to join in with my little idea. The wonderful thing is to read of so many lovely women and it brings over the message of breast cancer awareness so well.
    I love your tribute to some of the lovely ladies in your world.
    I also want to read your blog further and will return tomorrow


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