Friday, 25 July 2014

A warm smile to welcome and a sad goodbye

I haven't taken any photos of the mountains since I have arrived this time. Other distractions of family to photograph instead, maybe. But tonight they are spectacular with light and cloud dramatic and moody. I can hear the sheep bells, being taken out now that the day is cooling. 
We heard yesterday that the lovely Jacko is no more. Our undstanding of bulgarian does not lend itself to the complexities of the cause but we will never again see his smiling face welcoming us when we arrive. 
These are not the pampered pooches of home, their lives not protected by vaccines and vets I suspect. So it's a sad goodbye to Jacko, we will miss him. There is something special about the touch and the love of an animal that brings a sense of joy and comfort too. I have seen often that importance of a pet to an many a person. Their lives given a rythm and sense of purpose, especially when their contact with the outside world is limited. When loneliness is our fastest growing longterm condition do we take account enough of the importance of a pet in a persons life when we arrange care and support, I wonder?
There are many stories of how animals like children and music can enhance the lives of those who are hardest to reach in ordinary ways. There are many abandoned animals in rescue centres and many a heart that could be lightened if we could find a way to care for all those needs togther. Now wouldnt that be a good solution?
Here is the lovely Jacko for one last time. May your lives be lifted by such a lovely smile too.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about Jacko passing. I know the big love that is there for our wonderful pets.

    1. Thanks Catherine. Yes those lovely animals warm many a lonely heart. acko was a special boy. Xx


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