Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Day 2. For the newly diagnosed...my thoughts...

Let me introduce myself to people new to breast cancer. On day two of the health activists challenge we are charged to share with you some posts that may help those first diagnosed......in my situation with breast cancer.

1. My first blog was to try to find a boundary between Audrey , work and breast cancer.  Boundaries help you to retain yourself in the whole madness of a cancer diagnosis. Writing has helped me process what I was experiencing in the moment, that I do know. I described my self as a mother, daughter, wife, director of a Breast Cancer charity etc to explain that I was all those things and cancer would impact on it all, not just my job. I remember that my nieces told me in no uncertain terms to remember I was an Aunty too. You see your cancer affects so many around you.
2. But you can't take responsibility for them all.........and you can't take their pain away.

3. But you can let them help you. People commented on my courage ( I wasn't I was getting through and trying so hard to contain it) but what is courage? Don't be trapped by "being courageous"... Shout and cry when you need to and ask the people you trust to help.

4. Take time to make decisions, talk to the people who will help you, read the things that make sense for you. When we hear cancer we often feel we must act in haste but usually there is time to think and talk in through. Try not to make a decision too quickly, with most breast cancers there will be some choices you can have, good teams will help you make the decision that's right for you.

5. Be kind to yourself and rest when you can.....don't apply for super human status, just do the things that help you savour this life you have and celebrate every good part along the way. And remember this stage will pass in time.......


  1. Love this! Must share it widely today. So glad you are taking part in this writing challenge Audrey

  2. I can tell this is going to be an excellent month for blog posts! Great list Audrey, I particularly like your point not to try and become super human. We so often imagine the 'heroic' patient . . . but that's just not reality. ~Catherine

    1. Yes I do agree, we can get trapped in to being the perfect cancer patient! I know that well:-(


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