Monday, 8 April 2013

Day 8. Ability to know the dark

Todays challenge was what is the animal that represents your condition, for me of course that's breast cancer.Initially I thought animal can do that. I like animals , none can represent a cancer in my head. But then I thought of a neighbours black cat that terrorises the area and it took me to thinking of a panther. So I looked up what this stunning animal represents in animal symbolism.
The words "symbol of the feminine" were there, "understanding of death" and alongside "cunning and strength" there was "ability to know the dark". Now "beauty and boldness" too were there....but the final words that captured me were "reclaiming ones power."
Panther it is....but the power I reclaim.....for now.


  1. Sounds like you hit the perfect animal. I like the idea of reclaiming our power. I like it very much. ~Catherine

    1. beautiful and sinister...strange how the two can co-exist.But yes reclaiming the power felt very important.I think the challenge is throwing up all sorts for me...even when i am resistant to the theme of the day...or perhaps because? Thanks for your comments, glad its resonating.

  2. I love how mention "the ability to know the dark." There's strength and courage in there along with that knowing. Well-done!

  3. Yes it all had a surprising resonance....thank you.


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