Saturday, 19 November 2016

Day 18 Cancers a gift*****s

Day 18 Prompt is what's the health cliche that makes you angry.
So here goes, it's the cliche that cancer is a gift; meaning that somehow living with a cancer makes you wise, makes you a better person, makes you in to Mother flipping Theresa really! Utter tosh. So let's list some of the realities for me of living with breast cancer. It robs you of your wellbeing physical and emotional,it changes your body image, it robs you of confidence at times, it makes you guilty about its affect on others, it makes you see the future in much less certain eyes, it also never quite goes away even when treatment finishes.
So don't tell me it's a gift, it really isn't but there are things I've learned from it and mostly it's about valuing life, the big things certainly but really mostly the little things. And so the sun is shining on the cold November day and I'm heading out with my husband to the beach with the dog. I will be slower than last year, and I will be limping and in pain a bit too but I will savouring every moment. If cancer has been any kind of gift for me, thats it. 

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