Monday, 23 May 2011

Feeling good?

My thoughts are turning to going back to work properly.  And it’s the important issues that are to the fore. No not the new politics of Scotland, not the meeting I am chairing in the afternoon, nor the 1-1s planned or the many emails. No its the what will I wear dilemma. Don’t misunderstand me this isn’t a deep-seated trauma as a result of my recent surgery it’s a fairly typical day really. But there is the complication of the current advice about not wearing under-wired bras.

I tried to contain my horror of the potential quality of the non wired bra variety but finally had to enlist the support of my son’s girlfriend. The men in the family are impressive but there was too big a risk of re-enactment of the episode of Father Ted when the priests got trapped in the lingerie department. So she went to the Mecca for every variety of nice lingerie. She did a marvellous job so I will emerge confidently and comfortable to work. God bless you M&S.

And not just for having such choice especially at times like these but also for having the kind of staff who are kind and especially sensitive too. I know the first time I put something I felt good on, it was a big step towards my recovery. Their changing rooms also contain our TLC information. One of our friends and a supporter of Breakthrough found her own breast cancer early thanks to M&S stocking our pins in Breast Cancer Awareness month. She read the TLC advice and realised that the wrinkle she had noticed on her breast could be sign of breast cancer and had it checked. She has been successfully treated and is well now thanks to her own actions and the fine partnership between M&S and Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

 Through their efforts they have supported our Breakthrough Generations Study and other life saving research across the UK, they have promoted breast awareness through our TLC campaign and as I have said supported many women like me on their path to recovery. Thank you, it truly makes a difference.

Reasons to be cheerful today are again about music. To reward ourselves we bought tickets to go and see The Webb Sisters  on Sunday night . They sang with Leonard Cohen on his recent live tour. If you want to listen to a little piece of paradise go to You-tube and search for Leonard Cohen and The Webb Sisters-“If it be your will”-it’s a wonderful way to start the week.Enjoy.

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