Saturday, 14 May 2011

Show yourself some TLC

If ever anything had a relevant double message for me at this time its this one. Knowing how to be breast aware using our TLC-touch look check message has meant that i have found cancer very early for the second time.For Breakthrough Breast Cancer it is a key campaign as we know early detection and diagnosis is the bext predictor of a good outcome.This experience is making me evangelical about this message-look up our website or check out our iphone app for more details-ibreastcheck.

But its also that reminder to look after myself and take time to recover-not something I am good at as a rule.The cat and I are laying claim to the sofa these days-surrounded by books, DVDs and my laptop. He has taken to my dressing gown in a rather worrying way-he's going to be disappointed when he realises its just a fluffy pink dressing gown.......

Before my op we managed to go to the May Island in the Firth of Forth to see the largest group of nesting puffins in the UK. It was really amazing. They are the most appealling of birds and it was a trully magical day. These experiences do come sharply into focus at times like these. Since the visit I have followed our guide on twitter and he has just tweeted to say that the first puffins have been seen with sand eels in their mouths. A sign that pufflets will soon be seen. Two questions-would I survive the trip just now? And is there really such a thing as a pufflet? I think I know the answer to the first one but what about the second?

Its not only the eurovision song contest tonight ( and I cant even go out-help!) its also the London Moonwalk. Good luck to all the Moonwalkers-its an amazing experience to walk togther through the night with the common purpose of supporting people affected by breast cancer. Its life changing in all ways really-whether its funding vital research like our Breakthrough Generations study or by being part of something so amazing. I will be thinking of you-hope it stays dry and you can work those outfits.

Reasons to be cheerful: Have taken off the anti-embolus sox and re-painted my toe nails.......if only I could go out and avoid the eurovision song contest too....lucky Moonwalkers!

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  1. Audrey,

    Wonderful blog. Please keep sharing your story. Not just as a support for those affected but also for those of us who work in this space - it really helps us better understand the emotional impact of breast cancer. Very best wishes and thoughts Teresa C


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