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Tales of the ordinary and pink castles!

It's wiser person who listens to advice than gives it.....I read that today and it made me think. How receptive am I to advice? The honest answer would be not always. I respond better when given choices . And challenge on my blinds spots , I do welcome....on a good day with the wind behind me! Am I tempted rather too often to give advice like Moses delivering the ten commandments? I hope not but I guess I need to check that out! So why did that resonate just now? Because I am trying at the moment to get the balance right on how to recover and get stronger and give my best to a busy job....and the realisation that the only person who can get that right is me. We are all individuals and it's just as true when it comes to our healthcare. A meeting I was part of recently explored the importance of holistic assessment as part of care. And as someone who trained as a nurse 30 years ago ( yes it's true, I had to count it on  my fingers to check if that cou

Is this person centred care?

A week is a long time when you are back from holiday is it not? And this one for me was a bit of a roller coaster I admit. It’s a tale of two halves, one of person centred care and another of being a tourist in your own town. So are you sitting comfortably? This story begins with back pain. A thing to fear for those with a history of breast cancer I think its fair to say (one of the many lets be honest). But I have been down this road before and know many other reasons exist for back pain and found a variety of solutions from pain relief, to physio’s, zumba(!) and yoga over the years when I have had a problem. But just prior to going back to work I could feel something build up. I went for massage and it nearly killed me (ok drama queen language there…but it felt a bit like that,honestly). And as I returned to work I could feel I was getting worse. I rationalised (just tired, getting match fitness back etc) and thought I would wait to see how I was on holiday. Worse aga

In search of mojo......

Two weeks in and its an ongoing search for the elusive mojo. But precious time with family, relaxation and time just to be ,is working some magic.  The days are lazy and evenings star filled, with some Olympics thrown in! In fact we have worked out how to sit outside and watch Olympics through a patio door as its so warm. Yes you guessed I am not in Scotland but rural Bulgaria, a very beautiful unspoiled part of the world. Our small house looks out to the Rila mountains and as I write a fine storm is rattling around the valley. Jacko the shepherds dog is a frequent visitor and is waiting at the door in the hope we will break our resolve and we will let him in because of the rain. Soft I may be but I haven’t lost my sense of smell… that would be a no my friend! As I mentioned last year Jacko has had one too few visits to  the poodle parlour and too many days shared with the sheep. A deep breath and you too could smell him I am sure! But even if wet smelly dog is a step way too far