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A love story..

                                                                " When its over, i want to say: all my life                                                      I was a bride married to amazement                                            I was a bridegroom, taking the world into my arms" Mary Oliver When I was a wee girl all I wanted to do was to live in Edinburgh when grew up. I lived in Fife then and we would take the train for important back to school shopping trips or Christmas and the like. The excitement  would start as we crossed the wonderful forth rail bridge and I would know as the we chugged past the castle into Waverley station that city life was for me....but only this city. Now even as an Edinburgher when I walk out of the station and see the castle and the gardens I get a thrill of calling Edinburgh my home. But nothing could have prepared me for the absolute joy of seeing my son get married to a wonderful woman on Saturday in the

Compassion is the new radicalism

I recently wrote this think piece on the workplace of tomorrow   to stimulate discussion and ultimately action around the transformation of health and social care. I would love to hear your responses  and own ideas of what the next steps might be to move to onwards a future where people really matter in the system. I used the quote from the Dalia Lama, "compassion is the new radicalism"  in the title of this blog.  It's not that I believe it's only compassion we need for the  transformation to health and wellbeing in our culture and health and  social care service but without it we will not achieve the difference we seek. Compassion for ourselves and others will provide the context for reform  and the wellbeing of our organisations.  What do you think are the bold steps we need to take to think big,  act small and that we can start now?