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A poem for hope this January. With a nod tae the Bard.

I wrote this at the turn of the year and much to my surprise it came out in Scots, Fife and English. There’s a bit of all of them in me. I thought I would share it on Burns birthday as it’s inspired by him and a love of his poetry since childhood. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please share it. I plan to recite it tonight at our zoom Burns night. Wish me luck!  Hope fur 2021   The auld year ends . Nae   wi  a bang b ut  whimperin w e lick  oor  wounds .   Oor  empty  erms Long  tae   haud Ache to  coorie In  thegither   K in a vaccine Fill thon gap ? o  l ost connection o   sare   herts  and  heids .   Aye  longin f ur spring  f ur hope Fur  awthin   growin  new .   But fur  noo It’s a step Ain at a time Restin ,  gratefu ,  peacfu .   Fur whit’s Hope ? It’s   oors   tae   haud . We ken  guid  times  Are  aroond  the corner .   So  here’s a  haun Ma  trustit   fiere . We  cannae  touch Bit love is in thon smile .   Be  telt , 2021 ! Whitever  ye chuck Oor  way We’re  no   dun  yet

The Grannie I wanted to be and other stories

  I put the Charley Mackay quote on my email sign off this week. Several people commented how welcome it was. I know it started with Blue Monday and how we all speak about mental health most days at the moment, but it does seem especially blue of late. I realise that inspite of a commitment to honesty in my blog, I prefer not to share the flat times, the days that have blurred edges into each other. Anyway, what would I say? We’ve been in lockdown since New Year and there is very little light and shade to the days.   The bright days are when our daughter visits ( we’re in a bubble together.....Thank God! ) Also we are now able to look after our toddler Grandson, Davie. Between us we are able to have great fun with him. His weekly visits have also lifted us from the banality of lockdown and the grey mid-winter. He’s helped us share laughter, hugs, music and then the little tales we tell each other of what he said and did, that keep the week alive till he arrives again. He and his Aunty