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When I get kind?

I’ve been talking about age this week with friends. I don’t feel like I’m older in my head. Maybe thirty five would be my ideal age although I’d settle for fifty to be honest. Of course I’ve lost wellbeing in recent years and mobility but the thing I miss most is the energy. I’ve enjoyed having the energy to do lots in the past and I had most vitality when I did some running, only 10k level but I had a spring in my step and loved it. Oh to bring that back.  Another reminder of age was when I was signing into a new account recently and had to scroll down the range of adult age groups before I found mine in the 1950s. That was sobering. I was scared to look at how much longer it goes on! As we recently mused over the decades passed we were also talking about our favourite piece of classic clothing. Mine was definitely my afghan coat that stunk and wasn’t especially helpful at keeping me warm. There were no buttons or hooks merely a clutch of fingers, as I tripped over my s