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The WASPI debate-one womans story

  Just sayin! I decided to tune into the discussion in the House of Commons to listen to the debate   about the change to women's pension age. I'm not sure it was good for my health given my current situation as someone recovering from significant surgery for breast cancer. Political point scoring was not what i was looking for, it was the recognition of the need to redress a wrong- a contract unfairly changed. It's my third diagnosis since my thirties. And each diagnosis has had an impact on my ability to work and on my caring responsibilities. I was born in the 1950s and recently celebrated my 60th birthday, just two months after finding my cancer had returned. In my twenties I had my children. I decided not to take maternity leave as in those days we had little maternity pay nor child care options and as a nurse I did some work (unpensioned as it was a few hours only) so I could care for my family and use my skills in a job that I loved.   I claimed no b

Nurture not womans road to recovery

I had a fabulous birthday and whats more there's a gathering of the clans this weekend and I can't wait to see them all. I recommend distraction when you are in a slow process of recovery. And I do feel stronger but aware too of my fragility. A bladder infection has made this week a real challenge but its clearing now. And the clouds have cleared too, the sun has shone ( even if its freezing as Cara needed her coat) and things are looking up...ish. I've gone back to doing a bit more on my book which I had paused for a time. And alongside that reading "When breath becomes air" Paul Kalanithi. It's a book by a young neurologist ( and so much more) who finds he has terminal lung cancer. Risky read for me just now maybe but there is so much learning from those who heal and also need the healers. We learn so much about how to care. Of course in a way we have travelled similar journeys and I know the value of being alongside those who know how it