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Who knew it would be hugs

  Who knew it would be hugs that were our undoing? Those taken for granted moments where we gather to connect. Our hearts meet clasped carelessly  and we feel each other’s warmth. Sometimes it’s more hesitant. Is this Ok?  The boundaries of  our friendship are defined in that moment. Maybe a brief awkward  touch of shoulder. Or an envelopement that secures a friendship. A synchronisity of touch that celebrates our affection. Those warm embraces restore a sense of equilibrium. The family embrace  that can say So much more than words. The clasp a little longer even a flutter of kisses as we leave  or arrive. I’m so greedy I often want both. Give Grannie a hug? I call with trepidation. Mostly it’s a fly by catch with a giggle. These moments are tucked away.  A squirrled collection  of connection Of love. Hugs I yearn for them. 

No vaccine for compassion.

Up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh  Today , in Scotland, shielding ends. If you are reading this in the future I don’t know if you can really appreciate the importance of this for some people. As I wasn’t properly shielding ( no letter for me) but being very careful, I’ve been a bit more mobile in the last couple of weeks. But I remain very cautious. It’s a bit like a slow motion Hokey Cokey without the fun. I’m back as quick as I’m out and I relax only once I get through the door. It will be so hard for people until they gain confidence. I’ve lost some mobility, perhaps that would have happened anyway, but it’s making stairs harder. And so another bit of independence is eroded. COVID-19 is shaping the advice against taking holidays abroad. For us it would feel a mountain to climb to holiday abroad on our own anyway. We’re planning a trip to the north of England  to see my much loved sister-in-law and I’m fearful as the numbers slowly rise around there.  I want to parachute in an