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A Hogmanay Poem

A moon, almost full shines it’s glory O’er Auld Reekie this Hogmanay  A grainy expectation, a city holding her breath  for the bells 2017 ye were a richt nichtmare fur so mony o’ us  2018 aye hopeful we share oor wishes wi a shrug whit can we dae? Ma resolution is  take dae whit a’ can tae be a bit kinder in life Oh aye, an tae ma sel’!  Guan yersel in whatever you’re resolutions are this Hogmanay  And cross we’r fingers for better times

Stories we tell ourselves at Christmas

I’ve never been one for those letters at Christmas generally. Sometimes I’ve shared new addresses with some news or a special event like my sons wedding but avoided the " Tristan got straight A’s in his exams " type annual note accompanying the Christmas card. I’ve always been a tad cynical about the one sided view of life because rarely do we share the hard times on these notes. We're less honest maybe about the family driving us to drink, of working too hard, of exams bombed, of needing to go up a dress size or whatever else keeps us awake at night. Like every falsely glittered Christmas advert we want to enhance the positives in our lives and hide the bulging credit card behind the curtain of our own denial.  But this has been a hard year and I found myself thinking if I shared the news of the year it would be a great way to kill the Christmas spirit and so of course I haven’t. But I have learned over the years that this blog is one of my ways to process my