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Data with a soul...power of stories

"Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin" ....the opening of "Listen with mother";   the radio programme that reaches back into my childhood. To be honest I have no recollection of sitting down to listen to it, but the phrase conjures up such strong associations I must have listened in; at least now and again. "Tell me a story" is a phrase from my own children's childhood and it guaranteed cuddles on the sofa and time suspended. Those are precious memories but also speak of a society that confines storytelling to childhood. But in truth stories are how we construct our world at any age; our self- beliefs, our organisations, even our nations.   How often we perceive ourselves through those stories; I was the naughty child or the good one, I was the clever one, the challenging adolescent, the moody one, the fun one and those definitions stalk us into adulthood. A delicate story is woven around us and we can find ourselves playing

Can coaching approaches transform care systems?

When we think of transforming health and social care, what comes to mind first? Perhaps it's the hi-tech things like robots doing delicate surgery or delivering routine care with cool efficiency; maybe it's gene therapy to enable us to prevent or treat tragic inherited conditions, even medicines unthought of to provide cures we don't dare hope for yet. And I expect some of that will indeed define part of the future, depending on cost. But would that really be so transformational for most of us, who live with more common conditions, who have perhaps slowly and gradually learned that no magic cure will change our lives? Yes, medicines and treatments might make a difference but even the so called "cures" leave their impact on long term wellbeing.  And ultimately it's wellbeing we seek.  In the modern world we have learned to seek quick fixes, we look for solutions outside of ourselves and we get angry when that doesn't arrive. What an exhausting, soul

How stories can change the world

I think its fair to say blogging has changed my life. It's also brought new friends and I'm so delighted to play a part in bring the very special Marie Ennis-O'Connor to Edinburgh and talk about how stories can change the world. Please come and join us, and change how you use stories too.