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Living in the Age of Loneliness

Disrupted is the word to describe me after I watched the documentary The Age of Loneliness. Yes I shed tears when people told their stories and saw myself reflected in some of them too but what I noticed mostly was that it left me more thoughtful than fearful. Because if I' m honest , fearful was what I expected.  You see I realise that my desire to watch it was akin to a finger reaching out to scratch a sore. One of the participants said they didn't fear death but what they did fear was loneliness. I nodded as I heard those words. It's not that I'm lonely, it's that I fear loneliness in the future. They held up a mirror to a reflection I'm not keen to acknowledge. There was a time I wouldn't have felt the fear so strongly but having seen the impact of social isolation on my mother as her dementia impacted and a recognition of my own vulnerability to social isolation through illness this year has changed that. Many long term conditions disconnect people f