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Freedom! Blue badge blues 14

Born to be wild?  Freedom!  I spend an inordinately large amount of time trying to work out how to increase my independence. Now it’s personal not national I’m talking about here. ( Although after this week in “Brexshitland” who could blame me...but that’s a whole other blog). Back to my independence...I have shoe horns and grabbers up and down stairs now. I have walkers upstairs and downstairs too. I have a walking stick up on each level. I have a device to put my socks on even. With a shoe horn I can manage one pair of boots but not the others. I’m currently researching more ankle boots I might try and negotiating with Santa given the expense! I have my much loved mobility scooter which if set up for me, gives me an exhilarating freedom to travel around this part of Edinburgh. I can reach my new Open Book group in the Botanics on my own which has been a much valued addition to my life. My current challenge as winter arrives is however is keeping warm. I may need to

The watcher from the chair Blue badge blues 13

I yearn to stand and coorie him kiss his milk full cheek smell his untarnished skin feel when I held his father too I yearn to stand and comfort him to sleep and sing the songs that Grannies have aye sung the stories of our past Yet gratitude fills my heart when we celebrate our precious boy and experience the joy he brings us all And in a deep corner of my heart I’m sad that I need to sit the watcher from the chair trying to hide her grief