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I am that cat

If you follow me on Instagram or were friends on Facebook you will already know I have a lurcher dog and a tabby cat. I was describing them to a friend yesterday as an analogy for how I respond to stress. Cara the dog is a complete diva, one stub of the toe and they will hear her in Norway. She could put banshees out of business, she can empty waiting rooms at the vet and she will accept endless petting to help her feel better. She is an adorable wuss.  Now when it comes to Koshka the cat, it’s a different story. He goes quiet and still and says nothing. He hides away in a favourite spot and does his best to make himself small ( something of a challenge as he’s a big boy!). His response to stress is to curl up and his body language screams, just leave me, I’m FINE.  I am that cat.  But when I’m  forced out of my safe place ( my home) I realise how vulnerable I am now. My spinal problem means my walking is very slow and I’m in pain as soon as I stand. A recent break away shook me

My Mum

My Mum My Mum could knit she could knit with my budgie on the needles My Mum made soup that was always delicious she needed no recipes  My Mum thought she didn’t  have much courage she didn’t see what we did My Mum taught me books are treasures in life we found in libraries  My Mum showed me families matter maybe the only thing that does My Mum died a year ago and it’s Mother’s Day  but I dont need that to remind me of  My Mum and all she was  in all the different shades and that I miss her