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Happy new year! Here’s to love, connection and time with those we love.

 2021 we had such hopes for you. But we should have known by then. Covid was a constant backdrop to our lives. Vaccines offered so much hope with good reason and yet freedom did not feel secure. Plans were rarely more than tentative. We delayed bookings and failed to rebook until later in the year. A summer plan became autumn and instead of warmth we had the glory of Scotland’s colours, rust brown and gold trees called out to us. Look we are here they say, and we hold our presence as your calling.  Scotland you own us with your beauty and your message of ‘you are home’ speaks straight to our souls. These souls starved of touch, of company of comfort and of love. How could we resist your promise of presence, of the comfort of the familiar, of safety we assumed but ultimately who can promise so much in such times of uncertainty.  As Christmas approached we thought, this year will offer so much. Christmas with family and New Year with friends exploring new territory, new traditions, new p

For Rosa

  For Rosa Rosa,her smile tells stories straight to the heart. She speaks in two languages; signing illustrating her emotions, spoken words the context  for us who are awed by her. That stride off to nursery with no hesitation. She knows none of the  fear her parents hold. But for noticing that they hold her a little too tight. Omicron-a benign name Like a young sister of a unicorn maybe? Magical almost- except-except The truth is that it’s another viral variant Spreading its tentacles across our city, the country, the world a renewed threat to our lives and our well-being. For Rosa much of her life so far has danced between the full colour version then back to the greyed out  Lockdown version. Play boxed away into homes Fearful of a virus that doesn’t  only change lives-it threatens to take life. There’s the fear, not captured in Rosas short memory but for her Mum and Dad its very real sitting by her bed. An orchestra of sounds and light the hospital machines symphonies tell of labour