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For a' that.....

I was reminiscing this weekend with friends. We recalled a colleague. A GP of senior years who was known for his special combination of forthrightness and, I think I would call it, love. The patients certainly loved him- even when told as one man was , on one occasion - what he needed was an Exocet missile up his backside. We could all see the truth in it, including the man's just that most of us wouldn't have dared utter it! He could, because he also was deeply compassionate , known to pass on, always discretely ,some notes in an envelope from his own wallet when he saw moving evidence of need. When will we see his like again? And I also remember him with a great twinkle in his when he asked how many bottles there were in a unit! When I was interviewed for a job as a nursing sister with them, on noticing that I had a degree ( not typical at that time in nursing), he sat  back in his chair and said did you learn anything? Answer that in a

Tae a breast!

Apologies to the bard I wrote the first few verses of the poem below.last year. It seemed timely to update them this being Burns  birthday and also my new plan in place. I saw the surgeons yesterday. We agreed that I did not need to proceed for a mastectomy at this stage. But three strikes and I am out.....There is no answer to that except phew! Looking the complexity of my situation means my risk of recurrence is complex. And I have lived with risk for sometime now. Also I know recovery after mastectomy and reconstruction is a major business. There is risk in that too. I know without doubt I could not contemplate a mastectomy without reconstruction. Thank goodness these options are available now. I know I would feel very different without that option either now or in the future. So I have decided on something less impact full but will help me further on the road to recovery. I hope it stops me having a lump in throat as I walk past nice lingerie departments or contemplating a lifet

Twitter obsession? Moi?

If I admit to a slightly obsessive nature those who know me will nod and sigh in agreement. Now obsessions aren’t all bad, its some of that drive that keeps me focussed on what I want to achieve in my work with Breakthrough Breast cancer and keeps me going when I am feeling the pain of whatever that days challenge is. So far so good…but… I would admit to a small social media obsession tendency! And social media obsessions can be very irritating to those not part of the conversation. I see that and am working on it. Honest. My favourite medium is twitter, by a country mile. That immediate ability to connect with others is powerful; be that around a shared enjoyment of something, a joke or sending important health information. It does it all. (My favourite joke this week on twitter came from Queen UK -no not the real one - when on the subject of settling the referendum challenge between the Scottish and Westminster Government the suggestion was to get two teams on Dancing on Ice to

Reasons to be grateful.

Well it's nearly Friday and I am still standing!Mid winter this far North can be a challenge but the sun has shone this week and those clear skies seemed to herald spring. And the media has shown daffodils blooming as far north as Aberdeenshire. But it's still early so keep the shorts in the wardrobe still, it's Scotland after all. And don't we know it's Scotland with the Independence debate kicking off in dramatic style? Each side claiming points and my head is spinning already. I am sure I am not alone. What is most important is that the key issues get discussed in this debate, like health, welfare, housing, jobs and so on , all the things that ,when the chips are down , really matter. And that when we vote, we understand in what context would we be a healthier and happier nation, taking account of all the things that contribute to that. And this week has brought sharply into focus for me what truly matters. A family I am very close to have suffered an awful   l

Big Gail and some TLC!

January got off to a challenging start here in Scotland with a hurricane force wind. In true black humour Scottish stye , a suitable name was being created by the twitterati hereabouts. Hurricane Big Gail was my favourite...suitably threatening and I thought the kind of person I would have been frightened by at school! And a big gale it was ,blowing trees, chimney pots, walls and parts of buildings across the central belt. So no snow to speak of but roll on summer none the less. In spite of all I feel brighter than I did before I had the break. A reminder that I need to ensure I have regular good breaks this year so I can fully recover from last year and also recover properly from my surgery yet to come. Last time I had breast cancer I do remember longing for a break about four months after my treatment had finished. We went to Paris and as I dragged my weary self around the wonders of that beautiful city I felt a real failure. Even my favourite Musee Rodin didn't work its magic.