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Are you curious about what it means to be wholehearted?...see my new course

I'm so pleased to be delivering this as one of a group of people not only across the UK but in Brazil too. My course will run in Edinburgh from April 20 until the end of June in the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute in Lothian Road. If you are interested in becoming more mindfully self-aware, deepening your courage and resilience and working with your purpose and passion in life then come and join us. The dates for the course are April 20, 27, May 11, 18 and 25, June 15.

Only the lonely....

I was reading an article recently and it posed the question "what do you fear most?". Straight away I thought "loneliness" and I admit it shocked me. Where did that come from? Of course I know we have an issue with loneliness in our society. We have more single person households than we have ever had and that affects not only older people but younger people too. We have more digital interaction but that in itself can erode human relationships and connection which we need to thrive and to stay well. Loneliness has an impact on life expectancy equivalent to 15 cigarettes a day. The connection of mental health issues, especially in men who are isolated, young and old, is clear and a serious concern. But as someone who doesn't live alone, is meeting with people daily, who does a job she loves which is all about connecting with others, why did it spring to my mind immediately? Perhaps it's because I know the impact on me when I feel disconnected f

The paradox of health?

"The ultimate paradox of thought: to want to discover something that thought itself cannot think." Kirkegaard   I can’t be alone in seeing the contradictions in where we find ourselves in the great health service debate currently?  It's no coincidence of course that approaching one of the most hotly contested general elections in Scotland and the UK the health service is taking centre stage. With headlines of missed targets on each news report not only in Scotland but also across the UK are these headlines and blunt measures missing the point and masking the very things we need to be talking about?  In recent research ( ) I did with Oasis School of Human Relations I found studying the paradoxes that emerged from the question about the Workplace of Tomorrow were a vital clue as to where the heart of the issues lay. Those paradoxes illuminate the ap

Proceed till apprehended....

It's now March, six months almost since one of the most outstanding times in my nations history. The Independence Referendum engaged so many of us in conversations about the world we wanted to live in, the society we wanted to shape and the things that offended our values, kept us a wake at night and that we wanted to be different for our future generations. We met in church halls, yurts, cafes, street corners, you name it, we met there, we gathered, we hoped for something more than we were being served up as the only way. And then we woke up. We woke up to a no vote. We woke up to the fact not everyone wanted things to be different and to the fact that those with a very huge interest in keeping it the same had thrown every single fear in our faces, piled the pressure of doom on our heads and had stopped the social movement winning. But did they? We all have our stories to tell about what have experienced since then. And in many ways I know I'm still wo