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The best way to find yourself?

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mohandas Ganghi So many images were conjured up   for me this week I saw another piece of research about the benefits of volunteering and it made me reflect on my own experience of volunteering at different stages in my life. I have volunteered as a carer in hospital before I started my training, I have fundraised, I have volunteered as a safe-guarder for my church at that time, I have chaired playgroups and taken my turn at looking after the kids, I have been on school boards, I have supported family weekends for people with diabetes, I have given talks about health related things mainly and so on. But mostly now I’m asked to be a trustee for charities. I suspect it’s a reflection of my cake making abilities. I will never be a food blogger. Now I’m sure it wasn’t my particular amateurish chocolate crispy cakes that were banned from the local fundraising group for Childline coffee morning

Both Sides Now?

August is flying past with special family times and memorable experiences and inspiration from so many places. We have seen pregnant (maybe?) pandas, we have laughed and blushed at risqué comedies (they were supposed to be 12 and over!), we have been wowed by innovative theatre and mime, puppets have shocked and charmed us; singers, dancers and pipe bands have given us goosebumps and Edinburgh has been the beautiful and buzzing backdrop to it all. I have loved it all so far. And on occasion it has made me think. The play of Anne Frank’s diary performed in the open air was no exception. The setting a garden of an old church and with the rain drizzling down, the actors told their story. Wrapped in warm clothes we watched engrossed as their drama unfolded. Still part of me hoping for a different ending, struck once again by the horror, sadness and impossibility of their plight. Such an intimate situation made me feel the guilt of not being able to help them. I wasn’t alon

Affirming life....

It's August in Edinburgh. Cue crowds from all over the world, pockets full of flyers, crowded pavements and strangely attired performers. The festival season brings laughter, music, theatre, poetry and discussion to every venue all over the town. There is everything from grand venues hosting fine classical pieces to church halls with local theatre groups performing their hearts out. The streets are full of theatre and laughter, much to the chagrin of drivers around the city. There's even free shows for those with limited budgets but keen to feel part of the madness that is the fringe! What amazes me is the talent and courage of all those involved. Yes careers are launched at the Edinburgh festival and fringe but for many it will not be their career, simply a way to explore their creativity, their talent and have experiences they will remember forever. I so admire them. In these times when people will work into their seventies, then having the things in their lives