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Relationships before work; the new normal?

I saw my Grandson today and had a great virtual catch up. He like to sing bits of songs now so we can join in. Three craws, the current one. So as we know in Scotland, Thursday is the big day. It’s the day that we know if the numbers are still  going down and we get let out of lockdown, cautiously and we get to meet in person.  So those numbers are crucial. If I hear you’ve all been down the beach at Porty or been to ‘big Isa’s’ caravan* and the numbers have gone up I will not be happy!  But if we’ve all been following guidelines then I get to see my family this weekend. Sadly not all together but I will take what I can! We will have to avoid our Grandsons full on mouth kisses but if I can just see his smile, smell his hair as he rushes bye I will be happy. I want to see how his Mum and Dad are fairing too! Working and full time parenting a cheeky nearly two year old is seriously difficult. But for him having his Mum and Dad all round the clock has been a gift. Our dau

The week we cried

At first we locked down With anxious giggles, With anxious shrugs, With cautious sighs, We closed the door. What can we do? We weren’t sure. Shopping, no not us. We started the online search. A sudden realisation, this was difficult. We zoomed. We Housepartyed. We FaceTimed. It was fun, in its difference. A family quizz,happy until the connections cut We shared jokes, Endlessly. Have you seen this one? We laughed. This strange time, soothed by one shared joke. Then we shared the articles, critical of government. The numbers of deaths increased. We watched the endless updates. We held our breath on lockdown decisions, beyond our control. We shared music created in rooms apart. Dancers weaving their spell just for us, alone in our homes. The sun shone as if to mess with us, gardens tended and parks never so enticing. But this week, this was the week we cried. For our own losses, For the losses annou