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Finding my road ..

I’m two and half weeks post op and there are signs I’m improving. I’ve stopped swearing in my sleep for example! Apparently it was  even shocking the cat who was just on the bed for a cuddle and a good nights sleep. I would like to say it was a ladylike curse but no the f word was said with feeling at regular intervals. So as I was reassuring folks I was fine, the real situation was explored in my sleep. I was totally unaware but certainly was not sleeping soundly. The cursing has now subsided and normal snoring resumed. Other signs all was not ok was a UTI that had me wearing a path in the new carpet to the loo and a cold sore on my lip. This started with my lip swelling like a Botox job gone wrong and then a couple of days later becoming obvious as a cold sore. It felt so big it might be seen by a passing satellite. It’s still there, reminding me. But I’m fine really! My stitches are out and swelling settled so some normality is returning. This was topped by seeing my br

Caring-love with its work boots on?

I was asked to write this blog for Valentine’s Day on caring. I found myself moved as I wrote it. I hope it speaks to.