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The Citadel: the pursuit of health

Image I wrote this article in response to some of the articles and comments about the crisis in general practice.  In particular I wanted to widen the argument beyond the everyday reality of access to general practice and to recognise that we wont solve issues by just investing in more of the same. Investment is of course important but lets look at the bigger picture too. We have an opportunity to do that just now. A national conversation is about to begin on the future of health and social care, lets ensure we challenge ourselves and others to approach this with vision and not be afraid to have the difficult conversations either. Lets raise the conversation beyond that of crisis to one of what would we like to achieve to enable us to thrive. I'm excited by that prospect, and hope others will be too.  The photo is from the novel by AJ Cronin, The Citadel from the 1930's.He wrote it to challenge