Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Always look on the bright side of life-de da de da de da de da

What a beautiful and moving day Saturday was. I attended the wedding of a colleague and although it sadly rained all day it didn’t dampen the warmth and happiness of the day. As always-big events in life can bring sharply into focus earlier losses. The groom and his brothers made sure that during their speeches they remembered their Mum who they had lost to breast cancer several years earlier. I had met them before at our supporter event last year when they raised a fabulous amount and honoured their Mum’s memory by putting her name on the wall. I was moved then by what they had done- and feel sure she would have been so proud of them. It was evident on Saturday that losing their Mum had resulted in the forging of a close bond between them. She would have gained great comfort from that.

That links so much to a conference I also was part of this week. Harry Burns the Chief Medial Officer in Scotland spoke at it. He spoke of research that looked at what helps people survive adversity and what it found was that having a sense of control and purpose played a big part. It made so much sense to me. Its partly why I am writing this blog and doing what I do in my day to day work. It’s about  turning my own experience round to create something positive.. And I see it in all our supporters too. Whether they campaign for change, volunteer with the service pledge or fundraise in weird and wonderful ways. It’s what working with a charity is all about-giving back, supporting others and changing things for the better.

If I may be allowed a moment of vanity, the conference organiser when she met me said I was wearing a lovely outfit. If she had seen the sudden wardrobe changes earlier because I was unhappy with how I looked post surgery, she would have appreciated how lovely and timely that comment was. I was also wearing the wonder woman eye shadow with pride and I like to think that clinched it too.

Reasons to be cheerful are we are back in the house! The kitchen is almost fully functioning and is really really lovely. As for the rest of the house following the impact of the work….what can I say? Koshka the cat loved the bright kitchen that is soon to become all our favourite room in the house. But after walking up the hall he shot off in disgust and found a space under the bed and stayed there. I really could sympathise with his decision. Do you think there is space for me too Puss? ……..No I will just get the marigolds on and won’t look back!

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