Being a snowbird

I had a little break from blogging having just enjoyed a much needed break in the sun. I got away from the demands of work, the iPad, blogging and twitter too! Quite the achievement really. What I didn't get away from however were boobs. A week in the sun they are everywhere. There were big ones, small ones, pert ones, pink, white and brown ones...and yes you are right that was just the men! So I figured my asymmetrical ones were not going to be noticed by anyone .... I therefore relaxed and stopped fretting. So i haven't had time for a long blog so  I wrote a wee poem....ahem! So the snowbirds land  Flying low across resting volcanoes To the land of black rocks  And glistening sea To the cacti of comedic shapes And palms providing a green break from the ash They are young and old Attracted by the sun and light For promises of happiness Some of it measured in hours Their relationships restored by time For storytelling and creation of new shared memories And so they stay Some for weeks , bronzing and  Creating a rhythm to their stay Punctuated by unrushed walks And meals slowly savoured Others like us dip in For a brief stop Carefully absorbing the restorative sun and light Time for rest , reading and contemplation Storing peace and preparing  ourselves  For what lies ahead.


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