Cheese, tunes and Breaking Bad!

It's now two weeks after my op and I have passed the mascara test...that is I have actually worn some! Just once but that's a sign of progress I think. The headache has finally gone. In its place I have nursed a cold sore and an unrelated rash on my face. The cold sore is going but my rash is , I think,  spreading. I have tried the unscientific, slap on any cream I have and see why happens , method so far. Surreptitious scratching is not helpful but holds a certain satisfaction. Google holds no solutions so far so perhaps a more scientific approach will be needed eventually. I think what it's really telling me is my body is still impacted on by the surgery and I need to acknowledge that. Point taken! The South Pacific trip was huge fun. More cheese than Mellis ( local cheese shop!) and all the better for it. Three generations were entertained by corny numbers like "There is nothing like a dame" and beautifully romantic "Some enchanted evening".....ah they don't make  'em like that anymore. Maybe just as well but it made for a lovely day, uplifting and memorable. I saw a  moving video this week  courtesy of the Guardian Music who I follow on twitter. It was  about an elderly man re-engaged with life through listening to his favourite music. The carers have developed iPods for their residents based on their individual taste. Seeing this mans head come up, eyes light up and then telling and singing his own favourite to his interviewer moved me to tears . A true example of,person centred care. The power of music to engage, relax, restore and brighten is a timely reminder for me to ensure its part of my recovery too.  I have enjoyed my trips out as you can see but have also paid the price, shivering and exhausted on the sofa afterwards. Sofa entertainment has therefore been important and this weeks DVD success has been Breaking Bad. An amazingly powerful story of one mans response to having been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. No spoilers , so I will say no more. But prepare to laugh, cry and if you are like me,  hide behind a cushion. Fantastic drama which has many important themes, but does reinforce for me the relief of access to world class cancer  treatment regardless of ability to pay. The impact of cancer is more than enough without the worry of paying for treatment or what your insurance covers.  Reasons to be cheerful are a lovely family weekend was had by all. Although I was shattered I did recover. We have had time with our daughter too, a break from her own busy schedule and a bonus for us. And some of the bruising is better...onwards and upwards.


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