Buy it , Fight it....and beaux seins!

As I admitted the other day I am still not up to shopping strength. Even on line there are a number of abandoned baskets when I have just run out of steam. This is a particular issue just now as we are in the middle of the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Campaign. Now this campaign is a hugely important one in raising awareness and funds for our life saving work in Breakthrough Breast Cancer. In the past I have bought some really great items as part of Fashion Targets, from dresses at Laura Ashley , top shop trends setting items to much used t-shirts and umbrellas from M&S ( or Percy Pig land as we know it.) I have had a browse already on line but not seen any of the items in person-my chosen shopping method. I really like the "Fabulous" and "Amazing" t-shirts from River Island as modelled by the effortlessly glamourous FTBC team at Breakthrough ,in a recent photo I saw. I am all for embracing your inner fabulousness but may not be courageous enough at my stage in life to advertise it! The Coast dresses are lovely  and Laura Ashley have a day dress that is full of summer. There are things for every pocket really, including tote bags and bracelets in the likes of topshop and M&S . So if like me you aren't up to a Moonwalk or a marathon but want to do your bit...why not shop! As this years campaign would say Buy It Fight It. See more on I need to get into the shops this week before they all go.... Shopping may remain a challenge but I have found my gallery legs I am pleased to say. Meandering around work of arts is a favourite past time. I loved the Hepworth Gallery I visited recently and  a visit to the Miro exhibition was fascinating. I loved the variety of sculptures, including one that as soon as I saw it I thought "I will would have some like that, but maybe a bit higher". Then realised I had said it out loud! Fortunately those around me understood my drift and laughed with me. One of the smaller sculptures was called The Woman with Beautiful Breasts.(la femme aux beaux seins). Of course my attention was drawn to the asymmetry of said breasts. The title may have challenged the image but I loved guesses why. I felt quite uplifted by his representation and contemplated a wee copy for my desk at work! The shop was strangely free of them but believe me I think there is a market. Reasons to be nervous today folks. I see my surgeon tomorrow and worry that more work will be recommended. Of course it's my decision but I am back to "what if " scenarios again and I can feel the stress levels rising. I might take a wee photo of "La femme aux beaux seins" and see what he thinks! Wish me luck...


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