Both Sides Now?

August is flying past with special family times and memorable experiences and inspiration from so many places. We have seen pregnant (maybe?) pandas, we have laughed and blushed at risqué comedies (they were supposed to be 12 and over!), we have been wowed by innovative theatre and mime, puppets have shocked and charmed us; singers, dancers and pipe bands have given us goosebumps and Edinburgh has been the beautiful and buzzing backdrop to it all. I have loved it all so far.

And on occasion it has made me think. The play of Anne Frank’s diary performed in the open air was no exception. The setting a garden of an old church and with the rain drizzling down, the actors told their story. Wrapped in warm clothes we watched engrossed as their drama unfolded. Still part of me hoping for a different ending, struck once again by the horror, sadness and impossibility of their plight. Such an intimate situation made me feel the guilt of not being able to help them. I wasn’t alone wiping away tears and rain from my face at the end.

The Man Who Planted Trees was told by puppeteers. They told us of how one man had changed the experience of many,  many people by planting a forest of trees himself. He transformed a barren part of the south of France into a lushly forested area. The dog puppet completely stole the show and made us laugh as we absorbed the powerful message of how just one man could make the world better for so many. A hugely important message for all of us gathered, young and old.

Unexpectedly a song by an a Cappella group also caught me. It was one of my favourites: Both Sides Now. Their version was simply beautiful and made me see the words afresh. All of the refection I have done in recent times came to me in that phrase “I really don’t know life at all”. Somehow its always seems to be at the time I have it all sussed that it all shifts on a sixpence. Here is Joni’s souful version of recent years , I love it and maybe there is a comfort in that message?

Reasons to be grateful. I had such a good time with the girls and now am looking forward to my daughter arriving for a few days. A spa day awaits! I leave you with the wonderful backdrop of Edinburgh castle lit up during the tattoo.


  1. It all sounds so wonderful. Enjoy every moment! ~Catherine

  2. Thanks Catherine, I feel so fortunate to have it on my doorstep and be able to enjoy it. Hope that by sharing it others can enjoy it a wee bit too! Ax

  3. It does truly sound wonderful, Audrey. Love the pictures and the message. Enjoy the visit. My cousin visits this week and promises to pamper me. Both Sides Now is one of my all-time favorite songs, too. Hugs, Jan

    1. An uplifting message from such a young girl in a terrible situation. I'm glad you enjoyed it Jan. hugs to you too. X


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