Friday, 21 March 2014

In search of selfie

Even the dogs are at it!

Well who would have thought it, women (and men) are proudly taking their own photos of themselves without makeup and posting it on “tinternet”. What next I wonder? You need to get up early for a photo of me without makeup I admit. I’ve seen some views pros and against this latest social media trend and it has made me ponder on both.
I believe it started with celebrities in solidarity for an older woman (and it would be a woman of course) criticised for her looks at the Oscars. But it changed (perhaps in protest to the selfie indulgence?!) to do the #nomakeupselfie in support of breast cancer. Cancer Research UK and the other breast cancer charities Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign have all benefited too in this social media/community led campaign. I have seen my exceptionally beautiful friends and family take part, post breast awareness information and text money too. They are awesome! I still haven’t posted mine and wasn’t sure I would until my friend Jackie posted hers-after week 5 of chemotherapy following her recent re-diagnosis with breast cancer. That’s when I realised, well yes it’s a bit of a fun gimmick but really its raising money for research into how to stop this happening to fine women like Jackie and that’s good enough for me. 
But I also wondered how it must feel for others who must struggle everyday with other cancers, other long term conditions, who live with chronic pain, chronic  fatigue or struggle with mental well-being: who will do selfies for them? So many too will face the day with unknown and unrecognised challenges, they will do their utmost to hold down jobs in challenging financial times, they will suffer the impact of benefit changes, they will produce bucket lists and hope to fulfill them. My selfie therefore is for all of them too, sans makeup, in solidarity with all whose life has been affected by ill-health ;mental and physical. I salute your courage and maybe we need solidarity for everyone-an unselfie to say; I hear you and commit to supporting what matters to you. But what would an unselfie look like?
Reasons to be cheerful.
I had great family weekend recently culminating in a concert that included the rather wonderful Dixie Chicks. Regular readers will know my musical taste leans to the soulful singer song writer but I have an open mind and honestly love a sing along to a Dixie Chicks track. They were wonderful and in tribute to the fact later this year I’m off to see James Taylor, here’s amagical track of them playing together.


  1. I think you are onto something here. Imagine taking #unselfies of people who are beautiful to you - with or without makeup. Those who think of others, those who give forward, those who shares smiles, those dealing with illness, those who go through so much and do so because of love for those who need them.

    Maybe it will transform that way? I think it's a brilliant idea, Audrey. And by the way - you sure are beautiful. :) ~Catherine

    1. Thanks Catherine, way too kind but it made my day! Xxx

  2. Am quite ambivalent about this no-make up selfie Audrey - still haven't made my mind up on it. What I am not ambivalent about is that I keep hearing that donations to Irish Cancer Society and UK charities have increased - so that is a good outcome. Fair play to you for taking part - I am never seen without my make-up!

    1. Me neither, it's my cryptonite so I didn't do it lightly. But wanted to make the point a bit more widely. There's a pattern of something a bit strange around just now I think!

  3. dear Audrey,

    cryptonite - hilarious! but, my dear, you sure don't need it. your beauty glows naturally! it must come from within, from where your beautiful and vibrant heart resides and gives off so much love and compassion for others. xoxo, karen

  4. Oh Karen, such lovely words. Thank you, I'm very moved. I always look forward to your comments from your own big heart. Audrey xxx


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