Day 2: one true word

Day 2 #HAWMC
The prompt today is to describe how I write. It's really not planned or routine but it's when I have the desire to write, the story I want to tell formulating and the time to spill it out. I can't squeeze it out to plan or force it like ketchup from a bottle in a big splurge. It's like it runs around my head like mouse running around a maze and then suddenly goes I've got it; the route out on to the page. I do edit at the time and get the opinion of my husband before I publish. I usually delete the worst rants if I'm upset about something and publish the more measured version! But most importantly, it has to be true to how i feel.
Occasionally it's a poem I'm moved to write and that's generally when I'm very moved by something. I really can't force that but I do go to a creative writing class where we visit galleries and write in response to the art. I know that can prompt my best writing. It s a great stimulus to writing and I really recommend it as a creative and mindful process.
At first it was scary to write down my thoughts but now it's mostly relief that something I've wanted to write has found its way on to the blog. I worry less now what others might think; worrying would stop you writing anything.If its what you have experienced then its true. We all have a story to tell and blogging is allowing others to bear witness; that is a healing experience in itself I've found.


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