A Poem for Mental Health Day-Gratitude

A Poem for Mental Health Day 


Daylight as I rise
And as soon as I stand
I remember 
My spine protesting
Against being upright
Another day starts

From the window
I wonder at the colours
Of the autumn trees
Majestic as they face winter
I’m less aware of the pain
My heart less heavy

Koshka head-buts me
Affection maybe or just about food
He stretches out a striped paw
Exquisite markings remind me
Of the beauty of this cat
That we share our lives with 

I smile and feed him, he purrs
Next he creeps into the dogs bed 
Cara bounds in and starts to kiss him
Disgust his reaction
I laugh out loud
Our typical day begins

Later with the very special Andrew
In the Botanic gardens
Glorious autumnal trees surround us
We look around and feel grateful
For the richness of this environment
Relaxing into our place in this world

My pain and disability can pull me
Into really dark places
The black dog never far away
But each day I’ve learned
To value all this love and beauty

And focus on that each minute, each day, each year..


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