A poem for hope this January. With a nod tae the Bard.

I wrote this at the turn of the year and much to my surprise it came out in Scots, Fife and English. There’s a bit of all of them in me. I thought I would share it on Burns birthday as it’s inspired by him and a love of his poetry since childhood. I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please share it. I plan to recite it tonight at our zoom Burns night. Wish me luck! 

Hope fur 2021


The auld year ends.

Nae wi a bang

but whimperin

we lick oor wounds.


Oor empty erms

Long tae haud

Ache to coorie

In thegither


Kin a vaccine

Fill thon gap?

lost connection

o sare herts and heids.


Aye longin

fur spring 

fur hope

Fur awthin growin new.


But fur noo

It’s a step

Ain at a time



Fur whit’s Hope?

It’s oors tae haud.

We ken guid times 

Are aroond the corner.


So here’s a haun

Ma trustit fiere.

We cannae touch

Bit love is in thon smile.


Be telt, 2021!

Whitever ye chuck

Oor way

We’re no dun yet.


Audrey Birt

Jan 2021



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