Tae a breast!

Apologies to the bard
I wrote the first few verses of the poem below.last year. It seemed timely to update them this being Burns  birthday and also my new plan in place. I saw the surgeons yesterday. We agreed that I did not need to proceed for a mastectomy at this stage. But three strikes and I am out.....There is no answer to that except phew!
Looking the complexity of my situation means my risk of recurrence is complex. And I have lived with risk for sometime now. Also I know recovery after mastectomy and reconstruction is a major business. There is risk in that too. I know without doubt I could not contemplate a mastectomy without reconstruction. Thank goodness these options are available now. I know I would feel very different without that option either now or in the future.
So I have decided on something less impact full but will help me further on the road to recovery. I hope it stops me having a lump in throat as I walk past nice lingerie departments or contemplating a lifetime of prosthesis wearing. Or the other daily reminders which are plentiful.
A small price for a life restored I know. But I am glad and grateful it can feel more normal than this in the future. So it's just a short one today to update you and pay my own cringe making homage to the bard on his day! I suspect he was aye one to appreciate the subject matter! Enjoy.

Tae a breast!

Wee sad and broken tim'rous breast, 
O, what a panic was in my head! 
I need na worried awa sae hasty, 
Wi' fear and fright! 
I wad be laith to lose thee 
Withoot a fight!

But breast, I tried before wi’ sma’ gain 
In proving foresight may be vain; 
The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men 
Gang aft agley, 
An' lea'e me back to face more pain, 
And chance o’ more! 

And sae to clinics I maun go
And nae new cancer to show!
Decision time wis loomin
Wid staying as is stop me from bloomin
Aye the answer had to be and sae
To the surgeon I maun gae

Still I am blest, we must agree; 
Only the surgeons knife will toucheth me: 
And och! I must cast my e'e, 
On hopes for prospects cheer! 
An' forward, tho' I canna see, 
I guess an' try no tae fear!


  1. Brilliant Audrey. Not sure congratulations is quite the thing to offer at your news, but celebrations anyway.


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