Monday, 13 February 2012

An alternative Valentines tribute

What love really is This is a mini blog inspired by a twitter conversation. I had sympathised with a valentines day rant by Ellen 27. You see we don't really do valentines in my house. Many things contribute to that. Partly it's just been my birthday and so opportunities to be showered with gifts (ahem..) have just been experienced and between then and valentines we have also celebrated my Mums and my daughters birthday. Yes you are right we are broke by now! But in general valentines cards make me barf and fluffy toys with pink hearts bring out my dark side. Overpriced and force fed cut flowers are a crime in so many ways. And all of the above as measures of how much you are loved are flimsy and transitory evidence. So we thought maybe a counter campaign of what love really is was ripe for the picking! So this is my tribute to my own special other half. Regular readers of my blog know we have had a challenging year and it's not yet behind us. Recently I have been struggling with a rotten chest infection and a bad case of can't get the bed off my back. So here are my thoughts given all of that is what love really is to me It's making my favourite soup when everyone else makes me cough It's putting up with Leonard Cohen on the iPod deck for the zillionth time It's singing Flower of Scotland with my Mum (they are both English!) And not laughing when we lose the rugby (again) It's knowing he's there for the kids, whatever it takes It's not going Duh! when I say maybe I have been over doing it It's saying I look lovely when I feel it least It's welcoming my friends in his life too It's not resenting the job when it takes so much of me It's making me laugh at the worst of times It's letting me cry at the worst of times It's not complaining when we have to change our plans again It's supporting me when I decide to have more surgery It's not flinching as I do when I see the prosthesis I need still to wear It's being there in the bad and the good times It's looking forward to celebrating the better times to come...


  1. He sounds like a total diamond and you don't need any heart-shaped nonsense to show what he means to you.

  2. That is so lovely - and having met your lovely Andrew I can see where you are coming from.

  3. This is a lovely post, Audrey. I am perfectly sure that he will have a similar list about you.

    I am a bit of a Valentine's Day fan, but the rule is we don't have to spend money - I would never want my beloved to bother with flowers or meals out which take an inflationary leap just for 24 hours, but I think it's nice to set aside the time to spend together and exchange small gifts (a Bill Bailey DVD for him, a One Day DVD for me)and have a rare meal just the two of us. Ours was courtesy of M and S's dine in offer, just what we needed to warm us up after an afternoon on the streets at the Love Equally march.

    As it happens, as I was writing his card, I remembered it was our 25th Valentine's Day. That's a long time for anyone to put up with me - and I come with the Lib Dems attached so his hero rating is through the roof.


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