Friday, 6 December 2013

It seems impossible, till its done. Friday inspiration

Friday inspiration 
 Change is not based on effort, change is a creative process best not conducted as a war. 

I read this quote this week as part of the WEL programme and it has echoed over the week, not just in a personal sense but in how organisations can approach change too.
How many of us would recognise our own approach to change in ourselves and within our organisations past or present in the words "conducted as a war". How many gym memberships start that way, fitness classes, boot camps even! And how often do we catastrophise when we lose a battle that we have lost the whole war and so give up, eat or drink more, embrace the sofa and so much more. Wars are won or lost in traditional senses so even if you win temporarily , whats next? What damage needs repaired? What casualties have their been?

Instead a creative process feels so much more appealing. It's inspiring, it's stimulating, it's emergent, it has an energy and a flow. The energies therefore go into creating a future not so much on destroying a past. Suddenly it can feel such a different proposition. 

How would our organisations benefit from seeing a change process as a creative one, honouring the present and focussing on co creating a future with all,involved. How more engaged and excited do we become?

On a day where it feels a wonderful warm and inspiring light was extinguished, Madiba, let's  remember how he changed a very very troubled part of our world. He did it with warmth, with belief in our better selves, he listened , he loved unconditionally, he had a vision and convinced people they wanted it too-his humanity was his greatest gift to the work. What better legacy could their be for all of us to learn from that in all we do too. How his and others creativity was rewarded as their new nation emerged and turned away from war.

It always seems impossible until its done. Nelson Mandela. RIP


  1. I have been reading many of Mandela's quotes over the past two days and have been struck by their simplicity and their power. This is a great quote you have chosen and it ties in nicely with another one of his quotes which I love:
    Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.~Nelson Mandela

    1. Thanks Marie, I do like the quote you shared too. It not only resonates with me but is honest about us all and how we deal with life's ups and downs. He showed us all how we can be. Xx

  2. Very well captured. I appreciate this quote not only for how it has changed cultures, but also for how it helps in my own 'creative' changes. ~Catherine

    1. Thanks Catherine, yes it did that for me too. I have your book now! Sent a photo on twitter so you have that too! Xx


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