Thursday, 13 February 2014

All you need is love...all together now.

I posted this a couple of years ago and its eerily topical-right down to losing at the rugby and the chest infection-so its for my even longer suffering husband as valentines day approaches.

An alternative Valentines…So here are my thoughts about what love really is to me

It's making my favourite soup when everything else makes me cough
It's putting up with Leonard Cohen on the iPod deck for the zillionth time
It's singing Flower of Scotland with my Mum (they are both English!) And not laughing when we lose the rugby (again)
It's knowing he's there for the kids, whatever it takes
It's not going Duh! when I say maybe I have been over doing it
It's saying I look lovely when I feel it least 
It's welcoming my friends in his life too
It's not resenting the job when it takes so much of me
It's making me laugh at the worst of times
It's letting me cry at the worst of times
It's not complaining when we have to change our plans again
It's supporting me when I decide to have more surgery
It's not flinching as I do when I see the prosthesis I need still to wear
It's being there in the bad and the good times
It's looking forward to celebrating the better times to come...


  1. dear Audrey,

    what a beautiful valentine! I am a fairly recent widow, and shared nearly 46 years of valentines' days with my Beloved. it makes my heart sing to know that others celebrate their love for one another, and it makes me very grateful that we, too, celebrated our big love all those years with the joy and gratitude of ordinary days as well.

    much love and light,

    Karen xo

    1. This will be a hard day for you but I'm glad you have happy times to treasure today as well. Thank you. Xx


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