Buurtzorg...if not not when?

I wanted to share with you my blog on transforming health and social care. I wrote it after attending a superb session learning more about Buurtzorg form the man who enabled it Jos de Block. Well worth looking into not just for transformation in the health arena but in so many public services. Making the person. and the community at its centre. A full report and the podcasts links will be available shortly. Until then get planning folks! It can be done.....



  1. Hi Audrey
    Great blog. I had the privilege of visiting Jos at Buurtzorg and spending time with one of the teams of nurses. It was a great experience and this was the blog I wrote as a result http://theqni.tumblr.com/post/94532689636/buurtzorg-whats-it-all-about
    There is also a blog from Riekje one of the nurses at Buurtzorg.
    I asked Jos what the biggest challenge was in his view for us in the UK implementing the same model. His response was - you have to deal with a brownfield site. In other words we have the difficult challenge of reshaping what we already have into something very different.
    For me this is significant. It, too, will take some very brave moves. I was with a group of nurses and one asked - 'what about career structures for your nurses' and of course the answer is there aren't really any (in the way we might describe them) although nurses progress and develop new skills and interests they are not progressing up a 'ladder'.
    I think that we have become obsessed by a culture of progression that relates to a management model rather than a professional one. I'm generalising of course but we are the worse for it.
    I have equally been trying to persuade people in England to look at Jos's model and think about what we could do and what it means. Fundamentally it means you have to have a system with more trust. That may be the real underlying issue for us all.
    A x

    1. I absolutely agree its about trust at so many levels. It's not just a revolution in care it's organisational transformation too. My worry is without a brownfield site as you say we won't even try ..I don't think we can afford to not try. Thanks for commenting. Let's stay in touch as fellow champions for change. Audrey

  2. Hi Audrey, great blog. And you'll be pleased to know that at Public World we are working with a major London teaching hospital's community nursing team to introduce the model in England! More here: http://www.publicworld.co.uk/the-blog/


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