At the turn of the year I pledged to myself to write a poem each month. A calendar poem to track the year. My process is I need to wait for something that I’m drawn to write about. Today it is a fall of snow. It’s not enough for a snow man, it just offers a fresh view.

February is our birthday month. I was 65 last week. (And still no pension #just sayin) My family and friends were so generous and loving, that helped February have a warm glow. We have our vaccines dates this month too.

 And I’m now a qualified coach supervisor, after completing a really stimulation course. I’m also part of a Coach supervision collective and I’m grateful to be part of such a creative approach to supporting quality coaching in service of their clients. Have a look and do share if you would like to. 

And here is February’s poem, I hope you enjoy it. 


Who knows which day it is?

This lockdown drags its feet

and drags us along behind

powerless to change the pace.

One day at a time makes it

more bearable.

One step at a time 

risks pain and loss

and yet the only way

to move.

Today the snow fell

and created a new world.

This world is beautiful and  

unspoiled by the darkness 

of a lockdown winter.

We forget for a moment

about variant viruses and

instead wait for the first footprints to appear

amidst the snowdrops.


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