Saturday, 21 May 2011

Being Gleeful

Having made the decision not to officially return to work until Monday I retained my plan to go into the office on Friday to join with the team for a get together, culminating in a team karaoke session. What a good decision that was. I can sense some of you recoiling at the very thought but it was therapy on so many levels.

Those of you who have returned to work after some challenging event, be it illness, bereavement, relationship breakdown will know there is that transition when people don’t quite know what to say or do. I have found in the past, I then start to take responsibility for how they are-and I know I’m not alone in this. So going back for a fun event was great. Of course everyone said how are you but after that it was about having a good night.

Another impact of the blog is that the people who are following it for whatever reason are actually up to date with what is happening and it doesn’t need me to repeat the story lots of times. This is such a relief and keeps friends, family and colleagues involved without having to be endlessly on the phone. Last time when I had the second lot of surgery we went to the cinema the night before it to get away from the phone-and to have a laugh. Another good decision.

Texting and tweeting I love for different reasons but again give a link to the world out there-when you yourself are not able to engage as you may want to. I wonder if there are not more ways these different forms of media could help people transitioning with illness or cope with un-wished for social isolation. Blog therapy-you heard it here first ( maybe?)

But yesterday was really about the music. I started the day Gleeful-receiving a selection of Glee music from my daughter through the post. Again I hear the purists shudder but its hard not to feel uplifted (and in my case not join in) as soon as I play it. I am playing it as I write and its super-current favourite the Fleetwood Mac covers- I am a self confessed aging hippy! So the music is back.

Reasons to be cheerful has to be about the music: Team Breakthrough-you are karaoketastic! Ever in my memory will be the all team renditions of the Greece megamix and of course the Breakthrough Breast cancer anthem Don’t Stop Believing (the Journey version not the Glee one of course:-). As for the Bon Jovi and Jason and Kylie renditions-I cant even begin to describe the impact-but fortunately didn’t burst any stitches. And what did I sing on my own? -Well it had to be…… Thank you for the music-the joy you’re bringing. Indeed.

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