Thursday, 19 May 2011

But why?

I started today trying to get more information that may help me make my decision in time about further treatment. Through my work with Breakthrough Breast Cancer I have access to the best information, be it on family history of breast cancer or the best treatment guidelines and this is hugely helpful to my family and to me.

It struck me as I analysed things that often this is part of a diagnosis-this searching for meaning and trying to make sense of it. We all try to link an illness like breast cancer back to an earlier stress or accident or exposure to an apparent risk. I remember first time round people saying to me it was perhaps because I worked too hard and put too much stress on myself. This really made me  feel guilty and upset me. Was that really true? Did I want to change? I remembered telling my GP I wasn’t about to take up knitting! (I know its fashionable again but still…)

Breakthrough set up the Breakthrough Generations study a number of years ago now and it will run for 40 years with 100,000 women taking part, all striving to find the factors that cause breast cancer. Its one of things I feel such pride in as I know it’s really important to all of us affected that we know what to do to reduce the risk for us and our daughters, sisters, nieces and friends. Its never, I expect, going to be a simple message but we need to know what will help and how to achieve it. In the meantime what we know is, its all about good health messages-keep active, keep your weight down and don’t drink too much. Damn -I had hoped it might be easier-like eating some berry or other!

And on the subject of working too hard the GP persuaded me it was sensible to stay off till Monday. I know she is right so taking that advice. Still failing the mascara test today but I did try some blusher-sadly made little difference. Good decision re waiting till Monday I think.

Reasons to be cheerful: Flowers- I am currently rivaling the Botanic gardens in my house-I love them! I will be charging admission soon. The admission price will be a good book to read. Also providing tours of the kitchen, which is looking great, if you are interested?

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  1. Maybe you can post some pictures of the kitchen and flowers?

    I remember a time when every person and consultant I mentioned mh issues to would claim it must be down to something that happened, perhpas in my childhood. After much searching, I can say there is/was nothing to attribute it to.

    I still get days when people tell me to take up running, or try probiotics, as though it would cure everything.

    As much as studies on generations have fantastic results on potential causes, even without those causes, something can still happen. I never agree with the blame game, it isnt fair, on anyone - so I am sorry to hear you have expeirence of it. Live as healthy as you can is the only message I can ever advocate.

    I hope you do not make yourself feel guilty for waiting until Monday before going back to work. You have taken sound advice in staying at home, so do allow yourself those books to read.


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